ETX Systems

Press Release

Date: November 19, 2012

ETX Systems Inc. provides update on IYQ Upgrading Field Pilot plant

CALGARY, AB – ETX Systems Inc. today provided an update to investors on the status of its IYQ Upgrading Field Pilot plant. Over the past 6 months ETX has worked with Suncor Energy to explore opportunities to leverage existing infrastructure in support of our IYQ Upgrading Field Pilot plant.

While it was originally contemplated that locating ETX’s Field Pilot project at a Suncor processing site would provide integration benefits, subsequent due diligence concluded that any such benefits would be offset by the need to increase scope to address host site operational requirements. As a result, ETX has decided to advance a design for a stand-alone facility. Suncor will advise and support ETX on matters related to marketing liquid product from the Field Pilot project.

In commenting on the arrangement, Gerard Monaghan, President of ETX Systems stated, “Since first disclosing our relationship on June 21st of this year, ETX has valued the opportunity to engage with Suncor as part of our development efforts. We are looking forward to this new direction for the Field Pilot project”

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