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Press Release

Date: January 01, 2010

New Advances on IYQ Upgrading Reactor Create IP For ETX Systems

CALGARY, AB –  ETX Systems is please to announce the completion of a new reactor design for the IYQ Upgrading technology.  The company had embarked on a development program in support of the field and commercial scale implementations of the technology.  The result of this effort was a novel reactor design that not only serves to integrate the key elements in a much more compact package, but also adds to the IP value of ETX Systems.

This novel work involved a concerted effort by a major industrial nozzle designer, an international engineering firm, and an industrial research company. "The members of the team that we assembled to carry out the work were selected based upon their experience in our industry, and with the various subunits of our technology.  We spent considerable time screening potential candidates.", explains Wayne Brown, CTO of ETX Systems.  "We are trying to develop relationships that will grow with us.  This experience has been an excellent proving ground for the team, and we are exceptionally pleased with how the group performed."

The IYQ Upgrading technology is a cross-flow fluidized bed process which circumvents the key impediments facing the current state-of-the-art coking technology, delayed coking.  While the basis of the ETX design is straightforward, design of its many sub-units is challenging.  "The design bases for the various features of our reactor are not available in the open domain of engineering.  We do not have the option of incorporating off the shelf technology.  Rather, we have to work out our own problems, with support from other experienced organizations.  The upside to this approach is that we are constantly increasing the intellectual property base that is the value in ETX Systems.", says Dr. Brown.  "In addition to the primary benefit of increasing corporate value for our shareholder base, for a technology guy like myself, this is downright fun!"

ETX Systems a fit-for-purpose private entity based in Calgary, AB, whose sole mandate is to commercialize its patented IYQ Upgrading technology. The process claims to deliver revolutionary yields and qualities relative to delayed coking, for significantly less cost per barrel. The increased production of high quality liquids leads to reduced environmental impact, leveraged through both the upstream and downstream scope.  For more information contact Gerard Monaghan, CEO of ETX Systems Inc. (

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