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Press Release

Date: March 01, 2007

Agreement reached with the Flint Field Services for construction of the ETX Upgrder pilot unit

CALGARY, AB – ETX Systems has reached agreement with Flint Field Services to construct the pilot demonstration of its ETX Upgrading technology. The pilot unit, referred to as the D1 Project, will process 1 bbl/day of heavy bottoms. The project is being carried out at the National Centre for Upgrading Technology (NCUT) in Devon, Alberta.

“We are excited to enter into an agreement with a proven construction company - Flint Field Services. We feel that the combination of Flint Field Services, along with Noram Engineering of Vancouver and NCUT as the host/operator gives us a top tier team for this project,” says Ross Holuk, VP Engineering and Operations.

The construction of the 1 bbl/day pilot plant will commence over the next month and the pilot unit is expected to be operational early in the third quarter of 2007. NCUT will be the operator with support from ETX Systems. The pilot unit will allow ETX Systems to provide further confirmation on the benefits of the cross-flow design with respect to product quality and yields. The unit will also be used to test different feed-stocks for potential partners.

“This is the second step in our development program to bring the ETX Upgrader forward as a commercial technology. We feel that working with Flint on this project allows us to look forward to the larger field demonstration unit [D500 Project] which we will design and construct over the next couple of years ”, says Glen Cocquyt, Construction Manager of the 1 bbl/day pilot plant for ETX Systems.

ETX Systems Inc. is a fit-for-purpose private entity based in Calgary, AB, whose sole mandate is to commercialize its patented IYQ Upgrading technology. The process claims to deliver revolutionary yields and qualities relative to delayed coking, for significantly less cost per barrel. The increased production of high quality liquids leads to reduced environmental impact, leveraged through both the upstream and downstream scope.  For more information contact Gerard Monaghan, CEO of ETX Systems Inc. (

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