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The core group of individuals upon which ETX Systems has been built enables the company to boast an expertise in each of the critical areas demanded of technology development: research, development, engineering, project management, and business. The hiring strategy that has enabled this team has also given the company credibility within the technical, business and financial communities. To support our development ETX Systems has established strategic arrangements with leading institutions and individuals, operating in both the public and private sectors. Below is a list of some of the organizations that that support our project.


Commercialization of the IYQ Upgrading technology is being carried out with the strategic guidance and financial support of Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environmental Solutions (formerly the Alberta Energy Research Institute) as part of its Hydrocarbon Upgrading Program (HUDP). The goal of the HUDP is to develop and demonstrate commercially viable advanced technologies that convert low value carbon/ hydrocarbon feedstocks into high value products with reduced environmental footprint.

AI-EES CEO Dr. Eddy Isaacs stated, "As the energy technology arm of the Alberta Government, AERI is pleased to work with ETX on the next stage of testing and evaluating this promising technology as part of timely adaptation and development of technologies to maximize value from Alberta’s hydrocarbon resources and minimize environmental impacts".

Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions is focused, among other things, on delivering the lowest carbon emissions clean fuels and electricity, and to having the best available environmental technologies to sustain the economy. More information about AI-EES can be found at

ETX Systems collaborated with CanmetENERGY to demonstrate the yield and quality advantages of the IYQ Upgrading concept at a pilot scale. Through the Federal/Provincial partnership that was the National Center for Upgrading Technology (NCUT) a world class research facility was developed in Devon, AB, offering a wealth of experience in technology development, and contributing experienced engineering and operations personnel, tailored piloting facilities, and a staffed analytical laboratory that meets piloting needs.

ETX Systems has been diligent in ensuring that the appropriate skill sets are secured to make each project successful. This is accomplished through staff hires, contract positions, and strategic relationships.
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