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IYQ Upgrading

IYQ Upgrading is a new approach to heavy oil upgrading that builds on recent research into the mechanisms involved in coking to maximize the production of liquid product and capture the true value from a barrel of crude. The resulting increased yields and qualities, or "IYQ" has led to the branding of ETX Systems development as IYQ Upgrading.

The heart of IYQ Upgrading is the ETX reactor, a cross-flow fluidized bed. Cross-flow fluidization is a well-established commercial fluidization processes that has found utility in the drying industry where the time that the fluidized particles spend in the dryer is critical. In cross-flow fluidization the solids move with a bulk velocity that is perpendicular to the flow of fluidizing gas. (For more background information on the technology please browse our Technical Publications.)

This simple twist on the well developed process of fluidized bed upgrading provides many advantages over other commercial technology including an increase in the yield of valuable liquid products and a reduction in the required reactor size. The ability to demonstrate the promised yield increases on a commercial scale would be considered revolutionary by companies currently involved in the upgrading of bitumen from the oil sands.

Beyond the promise of higher yields of quality liquid products, the IYQ Upgrading scheme is able to leverage individual components that make up the flow sheet to replace entire plants typically associated with traditional upgrading schemes.  This is results in significant capital and operating cost savings, as confirmed in several independent studies.

Technology will play a leading role in meeting the current environmental challenges facing the industry.  Since primary upgrading is a required step in meeting the world's energy demand, an upgrading technology that can deliver more useable liquids from a barrel of raw feedstock will reduce the overall environmental impact associated with energy consumption.  IYQ Upgrading requires less feed to produce a barrel of product, compared with industry standards.  This means that less heavy barrels have to be produced, effectively leveraging the environmental advantage of IYQ Upgrading to the upstream production units.

With benefits of yield, quality and capital, and considering the environmental benefits derived, IYQ Upgrading represents primary upgrading without compromise.

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