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Advantages of the IYQ Upgrading

The IYQ Upgrading technology is a fluidized system that upgrades the lowest valued fraction of a barrel of oil into distillable liquids.  The technology boast the following attributes, derived by its ability to operate stably at lower temperatures.

  • Increased liquid yields. Lower temperatures provide benefits in both the gas and liquid phases, producing more of the valuable condensable liquids, at the expense of lower valued non-condensable gases and coke.
  • Increased product quality. Relative to competing technologies more of the native hydrogen is routed to liquid products, increasing product quality.
  • Reduced capital scope.  Through vertical integration discrete units can be eliminated from the traditional upgrading flowsheet.  The fluidization gas can be used to combine the expensive front end vacuum and atmospheric towers with the fractionation unit, thereby eliminating an entire unit.
  • Reduced environmental footprint. More quality liquids are produced from a barrel of reactor feed, compared to industry metrics. This reduces the requirements of the upstream producer, yielding an equivalent decrease in environmental impact.

The benefits of IYQ Upgrading are realized in any setting, whether in the refinery, or producing a partially upgraded product.  Due to the robust economics, the technology can also be deployed in a field setting.  By integrating with the bitumen provider, the IYQ Upgrader advantage can be used to address the tight economics associated with pure bitumen production, offsetting diluent and energy requirements, while at the same time allowing the producer to participate in upgrading margins.

"On a whole barrel basis the IYQ Upgrading technology yields an incremental 9% of pitch-free liquid products from a barrel of Athabasca bitumen."
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