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What is Upgrading?

Existing refineries that convert oil to gasoline and other fuels were designed to process light oils, such as West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Upgrading is a processing step that converts heavy oils and bitumen into lighter liquids that can then be processed in existing refineries. Heavy oils continue to become more prominent in the marketplace as light oil becomes increasingly difficult to source. A general introduction to upgrading was given by ETX Systems at the 2007 Canadian Energy Investment tour, sponsored by BMO Capital Markets. A link to the webcast can be found in the Technical Publications section.

What is IYQ Upgrading?

IYQ Upgrading is an upgrading technology that supports the following claims.

  • Revolutionary yield of high quality liquids
  • Significant reduction in capital scope
  • Ability to capture energy from low value byproducts
  • Patent protection in the market with the largest future opportunity
  • Vetted by industry experts
  • Support by leading industry players
  • Leverages the current understanding of upgrading science
  • Developed by a team with significant upgrading experience

The concept was originally developed under the name "ETX Upgrading", and was rebranded in 2008 to reflect the increased yields and qualities (IYQ).

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