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ETX Systems Inc. is an Alberta based company incorporated with a primary mandate to commercialize the IYQ Upgrader. The company owns all rights to the technology.

The IYQ Upgrader was developed from the ground up by a team of individuals with experience in development and upgrading within an oilsands context.  The technology represents an incremental twist upon two commercial technologies, achieving dramatic results: stellar increases in yield while routing more native hydrogen to the finished products.

The three basic drivers for upgrader development are liquid yields, product qualities and economic reactor capacity.  The historical paradigm was that it is not possible to achieve advantages in all three concurrently. Supported by sound science and extensive third part reviews by industry experts the IYQ Upgrading approach breaks the current paradigm, offering improvements in all three areas.

The claimed advantages of the IYQ Upgrader are summarized as:

  • Increased yield of quality liquids
  • Reduced capital scope
  • Reduced environmental footprint

Our development has been carried out in an open fashion, with all technical and business aspects of our work reviewed formally by third parties.  Adoption of this approach has given IYQ Upgrading a technical credibility that few other technologies at our stage of development enjoy.

Latest News

February 15, 2013
Corporate presentation makes the case for IYQ Upgrading within the current market place.

November 19, 2012
ETX Systems Inc. provides update on IYQ Upgrading Field Pilot plant

Latest Presentation

July 2018

Coking Margin

The Gulf Coast Heavy Sour Coking Indicator Margin is currently: $22.42

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